Inside LUXURY life of Mason Greenwood and his girlfriend at Getafe after leaving Man Utd

By posting images from a day out, girlfriend Harriet Robson revealed Mason Greenwood’s opulent lifestyle in Spain.

Harriet took a trip to Madrid to follow Mason’s football career as he began working out for a new team, Getafe FC.

Harriet travelled to Madrid last week to follow Mason’s football career as he started training at new club Getafe FC

A second image showed the Wow concept clothing store in Madrid, fit with neon lighting in the windows

The striker, 21, signed for the Spanish club just before the end of the transfer window last month. Pictured together

Pictures from her Instagram page depict a typical day in the young couple’s lives.

At a nearby bar, the 23-year-old model dazzled everyone by wearing a black pullover and jeans.

A second picture displayed the Wow concept store, complete with neon lighting, located in Madrid.

She previously shared a picture of herself at a training session.

She is believed to have spent time with the Getafe Wags as the couple settled into their new area just days before Greenwood’s “debut”.

The striker, 21, signed for the Spanish club just before the end of the transfer window last month.

On September 5, he was subsequently introduced to a stadium full of spectators.

Additionally, video sent to the club’s social media channels depicts him working out.

Greenwood had an extra week to get back into game shape due to an international break.

But his big reveal is scheduled for this coming weekend.

At the moment, he is renting from his father while he searches Boadilla del Monte for a new home.

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It’s unclear if Harriet and their baby will go with him.

But Harriet has already visited Madrid’s shopping areas and been greeted by the Wags.

A source told The Sun this week: “Mason was very nervous about how he would be received by his new team-mates and his coaches but they have been very welcoming to him.

“He feels relaxed in their company and a couple of the Spanish lads have taken him under their wing.

“He can’t believe how well its gone and how quickly his life has changed.”

Manchester United put him on leave after his arrest in January 2022.

In February, accusations of attempted rɑpe, ɑssault, and coercιve control were dismissed.

Harriet posts from training

He was unveiled to a stadium of fans

Harriet shared an image of a kit for their baby

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