Is Tiger Woods Playing at 2024 Memorial Tournament? Debunking Biggest Rumor in Golf World

One of the best golfers of all time, Tiger Woods, is having quite a slow run this season. After a lackluster performance at the Masters and having missed the cut at Valhalla, there has been a lot of discussion in the golf community over his next participation other than majors. The next possible participation of the golfer could be in the 2024 Memorial Tournament, if he decides to play, but has he?

The official Memorial Tournament account sent out a mysterious tweet with a simple pair of eyes emoji, which has mostly been the source of this speculation. Many admirers and followers assumed that this implied Wood’s involvement right away. However, there is a “99.9% chance of being a no,” according to the trustworthy source @TWlegion.

The emoji, however, was talking about Scottie Scheffler’s commitment to the competition. The misinformation spread swiftly, although it hadn’t been expected that Woods would play, particularly given the tournament’s close proximity to the U.S. Open, a major tournament that Woods is getting ready for.  He even sat out of the tournaments before the Masters, and the PGA Championship, so taking note of the pattern, it is highly unlikely that he will compete at the Muirfield Village Golf Club.

Tiger Woods hasn’t played at his best in a long time. He had the worst performance of his career at the 2024 Masters, placing last on the scoreboard with a score of +16. His poor play continued at the PGA Championship, where he played a dismal second round that included back-to-back double bogeys and missed the cut. Despite these disappointments, Woods is focused on getting ready for the U.S. Open and is optimistic about his game.

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Tiger Woods’s plans on winning more golf tournaments

At the PGA Championship, Woods gave an optimistic assessment of his recovery and golfing future. He stated that he is in far better shape than he was at his previous competition and that his health has been getting better. “Yeah, I can still hit shots,” Woods said at Valhalla. “It’s getting around is more of the difficulty that I face, day-to-day and the recovery of pushing myself either in practice or in competition days. You saw it at Augusta. I was there after two days and didn’t do very well on the weekend.”

Woods will compete in the 124th U.S. Open Championship on a special exemption basis, making his 23rd appearance in the competition. Tiger Woods has often gone on record stating that he will choose to prioritize only one game a month, and seeing as the choice is between the Memorial Tournament and the U.S. Open, the choice is obvious. The golfer thinks he can still win, and seems adamant about doing so. “Yeah, I still feel that I can win golf tournaments. I still feel I can hit the shots and still feel like I still have my hand around the greens, and I can putt. I just need to do it for all four days,” he added, “not like I did at Augusta for only two.”

It will be interesting to see how Woods performs at Pinehurst! Stay tuned to get all Tiger Woods-related updates.

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