Keanu Reeves Dream Marvel Role Is The Perfect MCU Movie For Jordan Peele To Direct

Two Hollywood legends would convene in the MCU if Keanu Reeves’ dream role were directed by rumored Marvel target Jordan Peele. Keanu Reeves is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, whose absence from the MCU has led to plenty of fan casts. Suggested MCU roles for Keanu Reeves include such Marvel icons as Mr. Fantastic and Mephisto, though both of these have since been cast for the MCU, leaving the door open for a role Reeves has wanted to portray since childhood.

Johnny Blaze, AKA Ghost Rider, is one of the MCU’s most in-demand roles. Ryan Gosling, Norman Reedus, and Keanu Reeves are three big names who have expressed desires to portray the character should he emerge somewhere down the MCU timeline. Ghost Rider’s MCU future remains unclear for now (something his recent starring role in the canonically vague Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. does not help), but enthusiasm is high for Johnny Blaze’s MCU debut. Should a solo movie be on the cards, then Jordan Peele would be the perfect pick to direct.

Casting Ghost Rider For The MCU

As fans wait for Ghost Rider to finally feature in the MCU, there are many intriguing and exciting possibilities of who could play him.

A Keanu Reeves Ghost Rider Movie Would Be Perfect For Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele reportedly met with Marvel recently to discuss working on an MCU project. His involvement would be a huge boon for the MCU, with a praiseworthy track record that suggests whatever project he works on is in safe hands. As for which project Peele would be best for, Johnny Blaze’s MCU debut movie would be the perfect fit.

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Peele is a past master of the paranormal, with his three feature-length movies all dealing with such mind-bending themes as body-swapping, doppelgängers, and aliens. Johnny Blaze’s adjacency to Mephisto and demons would be another string to Peele’s paranormal bow.

With Ghost Rider being among the most famous of Marvel’s supernatural roster, a director with a proven talent for telling paranormal stories is a must-have. Keanu Reeves, meanwhile, is a popular pick to portray the tortured loner that is Johnny Blaze, and would evidently throw his whole weight behind this dream role. Given the MCU is under pressure to ensure that its version of Ghost Rider is a lot less divisive than Nicolas Cage’s, involving both Peele and Reeves would be a safe bet for the studio.

How Else Keanu Reeves Could Join The MCU As Ghost Rider

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Short of a collaboration with Jordan Peele, there are plenty of other ways for Reeves’ Johnny Blaze to make his MCU debut. Among the most popular predictions is that he will star in an MCU adaptation of the Midnight Sons team from Marvel Comics. This team composed of supernatural Marvel heroes would also be the perfect project for Peele to tackle, and their arrival is looking more likely with Blade’s MCU debut in 2025 adding to a list of other Midnight Sons members in the MCU like Man-Thing, Moon Knight, and Wong.

Alternatively, Marvel could repeat the move it pulled in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness by appeasing the popular fancast for Reeves in a cameo role. Avengers: Secret Wars seems like the best place for Reeves’ version of Johnny Blaze to make a guest appearance as the movie appears primed to feature variants aplenty as it rounds out the Multiverse Saga. Whether Marvel plans to debut Ghost Rider before MCU Phase 7 remains to be seen, however, leaving the nature of his arrival a matter of speculation.

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