Lil Wayne signed a record deal with Cash Money Records when he was only 14, but his friends didn’t believe it

During a guest appearance on “The Pivot Podcast,” Weezy recounted showing his younger pals that he was fine with Cash Money Records and Birdman by bringing them to a record shop.

At the age of 14, Lil Wayne secured a record contract with Cash Money Records as one of the Hot Boys, but his pals didn’t think he was serious.

Weezy recounted needing to demonstrate that he was fine with Birdman and a member of the Cash Money roster during a visit on The Pivot Podcast, as seen above. He clarified that the label had celebrity status in Louisiana even before he joined Cash Money, and he wanted Birdman’s signature before he did.

At 9:50 in the show, he said, “When I got with them… I was a kid, I was literally a kid.” “You know, I lived in Astroworld every day. It used to be necessary for me to visit the Odyssey [Records] shop because our faces weren’t on the first record cover. Even though my eleven-year-old pals didn’t believe me, their parents wouldn’t allow them to have my CD, so I had to go show them my name on the back of that motherfucker and prove it to them. My mind was completely blown when we finally closed the purchase.”

Juvenile, B.G., and Turk joined Wayne as the Hot Boys, who was Cash Money Records’ youngest signee. In 1997, they released Get It How You Live!!, their first album, which included performances by Birdman, Big Tymers, and Bun B.

Wayne said in another part of the interview that Jay-Z encouraged him to not write down his rhymes. He said, “We went in the studio, and we did ‘10,000 Bars,’ and that was the last time I rapped anything off of paper,” adding that he had given up after discovering Jay-Z often didn’t pen down his lyrics.

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Lil Wayne spoke with Tony Hawk in a recent interview and said that he should keep Drake out of the skating industry due to the fact that he is a “very clumsy guy” who is prone to accidents. The forty-year-old remarked, “I skate after every show; we have parks booked.” “Well, Drake was seen in a park holding a skateboard, and we all promptly intervened, telling him not to even try it because he’s a very awkward person. Drake will sustain actual injuries since he injures himself while performing.”

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