NIGHT SHOOT Official Trailer (2024) Horror Film

‘Don’t turn off the camera’Night Shoot is a 2024 horror film about a college documentary project that goes awry when a group of film students stumble on a strange, wooded homeless community… and slowly discover they’re the ones being watched.

Written, directed and edited by Taylor Katsanis. Produced by Ryan Cavanaugh. Executive produced by Chaysen Beacham and David Josh Lawrence.

The Operose Pictures production stars Darrell Snedeger (Watchmen), Jason Francisco Blue (Fear the Walking Dead), Eddie Davenport (LoganThe Suicide Squad), Alexia Bailey and Derek Evans.

Plot:After an injury cost him his scholarship at a “normal” college, TJ, finds himself transferring to a wacky art school. He’s thrown into bizarre classes with eccentric professors and is thrust into a documentary assignment.

Volatile director Zach, cinematographer Elisha, actress Olivia, and slacker sound guy Niko drag new guy TJ into their plans for a killer project. Searching for ideas, they strike gold on a fascinating documentary subject when they uncover a forested homeless camp.

However, a trio of unstable, nomadic criminals hiding deep in the woods does not take kindly to these rich kids and their cameras. A collision course is now set for bloodshed when Zach convinces the group that overnight footage will put their project over the top…


Release:Night Shoot will be released in May 2024 on Amazon Prime Video, Fandango, Google Play and iTunes.

Cast and characters (alphabetical):Drew Ater … Cop Backup; Alexia Bailey … Elisha; Zach Ball … Troy; Jason Francisco Blue … Officer Hodges; Eddie Davenport … The Man; Derek Evans … Zach; Jamie Flanagan … Hitchhiker; Calloway Gassmann … Alice; Meredith Hale … Advisor; Ken Jackson … The BoyTaylor Katsanis … Niko; D.B. Lambert … Doc; Johnny Land … Professor Ludvik; Truly Magyar … Thin Woman; Kasey O’Barr … TJ Campbell; Michael Silberblatt … Hooper; Darrell Snedeger … Giles; David Tiefen … Steve; Andrea Vertuca … Olivia

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