One Piece 1116 Preview: Vegapunk’s Message Ends

One Piece has been on break so long that quite a lot of the fans might not even know that there is a chapter this week. That said, the series is back on its regular schedule. Currently, all eyes are on One Piece chapter 1116, which is next, and fans absolutely cannot wait to see what Oda has cooked up for them in this week’s chapter.

There are a lot of exciting plot points in the Egghead Island arc that are to be tackled, and one by one, Oda will most certainly get to them all. In the last chapter, Vegapunk’s message got to the juicy bits, and it is highly likely that the upcoming chapter of the series will see that this message concludes in the most effective manner. All that and much more will be tackled in One Piece chapter 1116.

Vegapunk Concludes His Message

Vegapunk Will Finally End His Message Soon

Vegapunk’s message has been going on for two whole chapters now and fans have found out quite a great deal of information. Vegapunk started talking about the rise of the sea level, and how the world of One Piece is going to sink again. Of course, at the same time, Vegapunk mentioned that in order to understand the ongoing events, one has to look back far into the past, around the time of the Void Century, when the world of One Piece changed forever. During this time, Joy Boy and his allies fought against an alliance of 20 Kingdoms, due to opposing ideologies. This led to a massive war being fought during the Void Century, and Joy Boy ended up being defeated. After his defeat, the Void Century came to an end, and the scars left behind by this great battle caused the water levels of the world to rise by 200 meters. Essentially, the old world of One Piece is currently sitting at the bottom of the ocean, untouched.

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Joy Boy’s enemy was the World Government of the present day! More accurately, it was the precursor to the World Government…A provisional army put together by 20 Kingdoms known as The Alliance!!

One Piece chapter 1116 will likely take on from here onwards and focus a lot more on the Ancient Weapons. Vegapunk’s message is not over yet, which means that he will go on to talk a great deal about the power that can possibly make the sinking happen. Vegapunk is responsible for the creation of the Mother Flame, and this Mother Flame is still quite a big mystery to the fans. It is entirely possible that One Piece chapter 1116 will dive deep into Vegapunk’s creation of mother flame, what exactly it is, and what the Ancient Kingdom potentially used it for. At the same time, Vegapunk could also tackle the other ancient weapons, which he might or might not know about.

More importantly, Vegapunk’s message will likely come to a conclusion in the next chapter, which means that more important bits of information will likely be revealed to the fans, such as the true identity of those sitting atop the world government, and potentially even the name of the Ancient Kingdom, which fans know that the people of Ohara knew as well. Vegapunk knows everything that Oharans knew, and as such, he could very well have this information as well. If he were to go on and reveal this message to the world, it would be absolutely massive and make One Piece chapter 1116 historic.

Of course, whether or not he will reveal this message is completely dependent on Oda. It would be absolutely fine if Oda would keep the reveal for later in the story, or if he wanted to drop this major bit of information right here to the entire world, and utterly shock everyone. Regardless of which way this goes, fans should expect the message to wrap up in the next chapter, which means the most important bits, such as what to expect from the Ancient Weapons, the ones in control of power in the World Government, the upcoming war, and of course, the Ancient Kingdom, are going to be revealed soon.

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The Egghead Escape Continues

The Straw Hat Pirates Will Continue Their Escape

One Piece chapter 1116 will most likely also focus quite a bit on the escape of the Straw Hat Pirates from Egghead. In the previous chapter, fans clearly saw that everyone was simply focused on running and that is because this is the best thing to do at this point in time. Even Luffy, who was previously seen engaged in combat with the Elders has now decided to simply hightail it out of Egghead. The Straw Hat Pirates on the Labophase have all reunited and they will most likely descend in the upcoming chapters. This does open up a very interesting talking point regarding Stussy, who fans know is not sure of what to do with her life anymore. That said, Kaku did look sympathetic towards her, and it is possible that these two will aid each other in staying alive.

Fans can only hope that Stussy survives this ordeal and goes on to live, especially since she already has a massive identity crisis. Regardless, the Straw Hat Pirates, with the aid of Edison, will most likely descend and drop into the ocean below in the upcoming chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1116 will most likely also see the Straw Hat Pirates that are on the Fabriophase try to escape from Egghead. It has been quite a while since Luffy has been running towards where Bonney is and in the upcoming chapter, he should make it there. They are right in front of the ship of the Elbaf Giants, which means that they will all likely get on the ship and try to escape. The biggest obstacle in their path was Nusjuro, however, in the previous chapter, he leapt into the skies to chop the labophase in half. Given that he isn’t defending the giant ship right now, it is entirely possible for the Straw Hat Pirates to successfully get on the ship and escape. If that were to happen in One Piece chapter 1116, it would mean this arc is only a few chapters away from finally concluding.

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The Five Elders Bring Out Their Best

The Five Elders Will Finally Get Something Done

One Piece chapter 1116 could also see the Five Elders at the best of the game. They are infuriated with Vegapunk right now, and this was clear in the previous chapter. Both Saturn and Mars were seen showcasing their Conquerors’ Haki in an attempt to find the snail that was being used to transmit this message to the entire world, while Warcury is currently chasing Luffy. Fans do not know where Ju Peter is right now, but hopefully, he will be getting an interesting role as well. Regardless, the next chapter could be massive for the Five Elders.

The wake of that ancient conflict scarred the world, and those scars never truly healed!

If they were to locate the Den Den Mushi, then it is possible for them to stop this broadcast and prevent some other key bits of information from being revealed. However, Vegapunk’s legacy hinges on this message and that means he will most likely complete it. After Vegapunk’s message, the Five Elders will likely go on to destroy Egghead Island, which means a massive role for the Elders is coming up.

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