Paris Hilton Puts Son’s Life Jacket on Backward, Social Media Concerned

Paris Hilton‘s parenting is under the microscope again … ’cause people are pointing out another parenting mistake online after seeing a clip of her swimming with her son.

The reality TV star and mother-of-two shared a clip to TikTok where she hops in the water with her 1-year-old, Phoenix.


It’s a sweet little video … capturing loving mom Paris bouncing her baby in what looks like a lazy river on a relaxing day — and, it seems safe. She’s holding Phoenix tightly — and he’s happy and smiling — so all good right?

Well, not quite … ’cause according to a bunch of parents online, PH made a common mistake new moms and dads make — she’s got the life jacket on the wrong way.

Check it out … little vests like the one Phoenix is wearing are supposed to have the big floaty in the front, holding on to the chest — but, Paris put Phoenix’s on so the floaty is on his back. Whoops!

This isn’t your normal internet call-out BTW … ’cause lots of the TikTokers genuinely just wanna help Paris, and they’re correcting her kindly.

Many are admitting they made the same mistake or know people who have — not a roast by any means.


Paris has been super open to these polite corrections in the past FWIW … remember, just earlier this month fans let Paris know her kids’ car seats faced the wrong way — and, she not only made the change but thanked people for the tips!

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Live and learn, we suppose … it ain’t easy being a new mom even if you are a celeb!!!

We’ve reached out to Paris’ team … so far, no word back.

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