Paris Hilton Responded After Tons Of Concerned Moms Pointed Out That Her Baby Son’s Life Jacket Was On Backwards In A Video Of Them Swimming In A Pool

It comes weeks after Paris addressed concerns over the setup of her babies’ car seats, with her since-deleted video sparking backlash.

Over the weekend, Paris Hilton shared a video of herself and her baby boy, Phoenix, splashing around in a pool.

Instagram: @parishilton

Paris welcomed Phoenix, who is 16 months old, last January with her husband, Carter Reum. Less than a year later, the couple welcomed a second child, London, via surrogate.

It’s important to note that Phoenix’s arrival came months after Paris faced renewed criticism over a series of resurfaced anti-gay and racist comments. Several people speculated that the subsequent release of her documentary, reality show, and book was a PR strategy to bury her past remarks.

Taking to TikTok, Paris shared a video of her and Phoenix in a hotel pool. “Adventures with Baby P,” she wrote alongside the clip, which has now been viewed over 900,000 times. Paris held Phoenix in her arms throughout the clip.

However, Paris’s comments were quickly flooded with advice from concerned fans who pointed out that in the footage, Phoenix’s puddle jumper — which is a combination life jacket and swim vest — was on backwards.

@parishilton / Via

“Double check the puddle jumper. I believe it’s on backward,” one comment read, while another pointed out: “Puddle jumper is backwards.”

“The little life jacket is backwards, but you are an amazing mother!!!” someone else wrote. “So fun! Your puddle jumper is on backwards tho! Flip it!” said another user.

“He’s floaties are on backwards the clip goes in the back,” one person added before reassuring Paris that this “also happens to lots of new moms.”

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Before long, Paris hopped into the comments herself to respond to one of the concerned commenters.

Randy Shropshire / Variety via Getty Images

Paris responded, “Oops! Thank you! I never let him out of my arms. thought it was backwards too, I said that to the person who I bought it from & they said it was on right. But thank you so much for letting me know.”

@parishilton / Via

This isn’t the first time that Paris has responded to commenters offering advice when it comes to parenting.

Gilbert Flores / Variety via Getty Images

Earlier this month, Paris shared a since-deleted video clip of her kids in car seats in the back of her van. Several fans immediately noticed that Phoenix and London were facing forward despite the seats reportedly being “intended for rearward facing only,” and that Paris had used a latch and belt simultaneously.

Gilbert Flores / Billboard via Getty Images

After receiving numerous comments urging her to correct her kids’ seating arrangements, Paris hastily did exactly that. Sharing an updated look at her setup, she wrote in another TikTok video, “Thanks for the mom advice, I’m new to this. The #CutesieCrew is now ready for take off in the #SlivingMom van.”

@parishilton / Via

Paris also noted in the comments that she doesn’t take “offense” to people offering her parenting advice so long as they’re “kind.” She wrote, “I am a new mom and just learning as I go. So I appreciate advice when it is kind as I’m just trying to be the best mom I can be.”

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