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If Disney makes one key change to the release of Prey 2, then it could easily break a Predator franchise record that has remained unbroken for the past 20 years. Prey revamped the Predator franchise by setting its story in the Northern Great Plains in 1719. The prequel revolves around a young Comanche woman named Naru who embarks on a hunting ritual in the wilderness and unexpectedly comes across a bloodthirsty hunter from outer space. Prey was hailed as the greatest Predator movie since the classic original.

After Prey became a huge hit with both critics and audiences, it’s only a matter of time before Disney follows it up with Prey 2. Whether it brings back Naru for a sequel story or it follows a new hero taking on a different Predator in a different time period, Prey 2 is a highly anticipated sci-fi actioner. But the Mouse House will have to make one crucial change to its release strategy if Prey 2 is going to break an important Predator franchise record.

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