This type of leaf is the enemy of cockroaches. If you leave it in the house, the cockroaches will run away

Cockroaches are obnoxious insects. They multiply quickly, carrying many bacteria, which can be harmful to human health. They destroy food as well as some other household items. To repel cockroaches, you can apply the tips below.

Repel cockroaches with scent

Cockroaches are very sensitive to scent. You can choose some natural ingredients with a unique, outstanding scent to repel cockroaches such as tea leaves, mint leaves, perilla leaves, bay leaves, coffee grounds, onions, garlic, lemon, etc. Cucumbers… to repel cockroaches.

Scented ingredients such as mint leaves, perilla, moonshine, onions, garlic… can prevent cockroaches from entering the house.

The method is very simple, you can dry orange and lemon peels and place them in corners of the house. Peel the cucumber peel and you can put it on a plate and put it in places where cockroaches often gather. Crush mint leaves, perilla leaves or bay leaves, chop onions, garlic… and leave them in the house to also help repel cockroaches very effectively. These ingredients should be placed in places with many cockroaches such as kitchen cabinets, under the sink, etc. to maximize their effectiveness.

Make a trap to kill cockroaches

– Use banana peel, sugar and washing powder

After eating a banana, don’t rush to throw away the peel. Take chopped banana peel and mix it with sugar and washing powder, mix well. Divide this mixture into several parts. Leave them in places where cockroaches frequent.

Cockroaches smell the scent of sugar and bananas and will come looking for food. Then, the washing powder in the above mixture will help destroy them.

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– Use a mixture of baking soda and sugar

Mix sugar and baking soda in a 1:1 ratio and place it in places where cockroaches frequent such as kitchen cabinets and kitchen corners. Place a small cup of water next to it. After eating the mixture of sugar and baking soda, cockroaches will be thirsty and look for water.

Sugar will help attract cockroaches. Meanwhile, baking soda causes cockroaches to become bloated and slowly die.

Take note to prevent cockroaches from multiplying

No matter what pest removal method you use, you need to pay attention to keeping your house clean and dry by cleaning regularly. Food should be covered and kept in the refrigerator to avoid attracting fry.

You should use trash cans with lids and do not leave trash overnight (especially food waste) to avoid creating conditions for cockroaches to find food and have more opportunities to reproduce.

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