Travis Kelce Comments on Taylor Swift’s Wardrobe Blunder Amid Extreme Weather

Pop superstar Taylor Swift was forced to make a last-minute change to her Eras Tour costume after battling freezing Scottish winds during her performances. The 34-year-old singer just wrapped up a series of shows at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium, where the chilly weather posed a significant challenge.

Swift added some gloves to her outfit (Image: Twitter)

Swift initially performed in her usual outfit for the The Tortured Poets Department segment, which she had been flaunting since her Paris performances last month. However, by the second and third nights, she introduced a new twist to her ensemble, adding sleek black gloves reminiscent of her Grammys attire. This adjustment was made to combat the biting cold and prevent further mishaps.

During the opening show, Taylor experienced an unexpected wardrobe blunder when her fingers seized up mid-performance due to the cold. She paused the show, revealing to the audience that her hand had “frozen into a claw.” Taylor, visibly embarrassed, shook and waved her hand, apologizing to the crowd: “I’m so sorry everyone, this has never happened before but my hand is frozen, I’m just going to warm it. I’m so embarrassed. My hand’s like a claw!”

Taylor was struggling while on stage (Image: Twitter)

The introduction of gloves to her TTPD outfit allowed Swift to keep her hands warm before her acoustic set, where she plays both piano and guitar. This practical yet stylish addition helped her avoid further issues during her performances.

As Taylor Swift concluded her Edinburgh shows, she is set to travel to Liverpool next, performing at Anfield Stadium for three nights on June 13, 14, and 15. Following this, she will head to Wales for a performance at the Principality Stadium on June 18, before moving on to a trio of shows at London’s Wembley Arena on June 21, 22, and 23. Swift will continue her tour across Europe and is scheduled to return to the UK for five sold-out shows in August at London’s Wembley Arena on the 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19.

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Taylor has been touring the UK performing her Eras anthems

NFL star Travis Kelce, who is rumored to be close to Swift, commented on the wardrobe blunder, expressing his admiration for her professionalism. “Taylor handled the situation like a true pro. Performing in such extreme conditions is tough, but she showed incredible resilience and commitment to her fans,” Kelce said. His supportive remarks have further endeared him to Swift’s fanbase, who appreciate his understanding and encouragement during this challenging moment on her tour.

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