UFC fans brand Ronda Rousey ‘crazy’ and ‘delusional’ after stunning GOAT claim

Fight fans have branded Ronda Rousey ‘crazy’ and ‘delusional’ after she made a stunning claim about her UFC GOAT status.

At the peak of her career, Rousey reigned over the UFC women’s bantamweight division, making six defences of her championship before surrendering her title to the hands of Holly Holm.

She stepped away from MMA after suffering a shock defeat at UFC 193.

However, Rousey came back and upon returning to the promotion, she was handed an immediate title shot in a chance to regain UFC gold.

But she succumbed to Amanda Nunes’ power, lasting just 48 seconds of the very first round.

Rousey hasn’t had another fight inside the famed Octagon since her drubbing as she went onto forge a career in WWE.

Despite losing back-to-back fights in her MMA career, ‘Rowdy’ insists she’s the ‘greatest fighter that has ever lived’.

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Speaking to Valeria Lipovetsky, she said: “I had taken punishment until I couldn’t take it anymore. When it got to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore, I was vilified as ‘She was all hype, she was just lucky’.

“People making all these judgements about me in a fight where my first loss, my mouth guard was bad, I literally came into that fight concussed from slipping down some stairs already after all these years of concussions. I had an absolutely terrible weight cut, which means you have less fluid in your brain to protect it.”

“I was out on my feet for the entire fight. I was trying to make it look like I wasn’t hurt, but I wasn’t there cognitively,” she added. “I couldn’t think as fast or judge distance. Just from that one fight, everybody felt like, ‘Oh she’s a fraud’. I know that like I’m the greatest fighter that has ever lived, but when it got to a point that I had taken so much neurological damage that I couldn’t take it anymore, suddenly everything I had accomplished meant nothing.”

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Rousey concluded: “Then after the second fight, I saw how all these people I was coming back to fight for had suddenly turned against me. All of my appreciation for them turned to resentment.”

Naturally, UFC fans online took exception to Rousey’s claim as they made their feelings known.

One X user slammed: “Yeah right. She was carrying herself like she was the next Mike Tyson until Amanda showed her.”

A second argued: “The competition wasn’t what it is now during her reign in Women’s MMA. A pioneer, yes. Greatest fighter that ever lived, comical.”

A third added: “She’s crazy,” while another said: “The delusions.”

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