‘Valhalla Farted In The Ring All The Time During Our Riott Squad Days’

Morgan had to ignore the stink during Riott Squad matches.

WWE Superstars were wary of keeping their distance from Valhalla as the Riott Squad alum has been known to pass wind in the ring.

Before she was Valhalla, the Viking competed as Sarah Logan and was part of the Riott Squad alongside Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott (now Soho.) The group made its main roster debut in November 2017 and all three members would have the date of their call-up tattooed on their bodies.

In a recent interview with Open Thoughts, Morgan was asked if she’s ever passed wind in the ring. While Liv has been flatulence-free during matches, she revealed that the same can’t be said for Sarah ‘Valhalla’ Logan.

“No, but oh my gosh! Sarah, sorry I love you. I had this tag team partner Sarah, right? I was in a tag team called The Riott Squad and she would fart in the ring all the time and, you know, it like stinks but you have to kind of just like not react to it. But it’s like disgusting, you know, but you just keep it moving. I’ve not farted in the ring but I’ve been, like, farted on.”

What’s Next?

Valhalla won’t be competing (or farting) in the ring for some time, as she and Erik are currently expecting their second child. The couple welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Raymond Cash Rowe into the world. Erik has been out of action for some time after undergoing neck fusion surgery.

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As for Morgan, she is in the midst of a heel turn and is a regularly featured name on the Raw roster. Liv hopes to be free of any passing wind when she competes for the WWE Women’s World Championship at King And Queen Of The Ring on May 25.

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