What is “Venom 3” planning?

Venom: The Last Dance’ attracts attention right from the first trailer. The work of Sony’s film universe caused controversy for just a short moment.

Recently, global fans expressed their excitement after the blockbuster Venom: The Last Dance released its first trailer. The work of SSU (Sony’s Spider-Man universe) is the final film in the Venom trilogy. Currently, some information surrounding the movie is a hotly discussed topic on social networking platforms.

The starting point is Spider-Man’s decades-long rivalry. In the movie version, Venom creates sympathy when he is built as an anti-hero character with a humorous and strange personality. In the context of SSU’s loss of business, Venom: The Last Dance is the star of hope for Sony to continue developing this film universe.

Explosion of debate just because of a moment

According to the more than 3-minute trailer, the film continues the series of events from Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021) and Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021). Back in the main universe, Eddie Brock/Venom (played by Tom Hardy) is on the run from humans and Symbiotes.

Since the massacre in Venom: Let There Be Carnage , we can understand why people are determined to hunt down this species. In particular, Venom’s concerns in the first film have come to fruition. Those were the Symbiotes who discovered Venom and made the landing on Earth. The end for Eddie and Venom is coming very close as the two enter a grim “love triangle”.

As soon as it was released, the trailer was widely shared by fans all over the world. Most of the audience was satisfied with the visuals and enjoyed the dramatic action scenes. In addition, Venom: The Last Dance is the last film in the trilogy, so many people expect characters like Toxin, Scream or Knull, the father of the Symbiote, to have a chance to appear.

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Venom’s mitotic arrest moment is controversial in the fan community.

However, a small moment quickly became a controversial topic. Initially, the after-credits scene in Venom: Let There Be Carnage showed Eddie Brock and Venom teleporting to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). After the credits in Spider-Man: No Way Home , the two returned to the old universe, but left a small part of Venom in the MCU. In the Venom: The Last Dance trailer , Venom fragments reappear and are collected by soldiers played by Chiwetel Ejiofor.

For most fans, this detail is illogical and impossible. On the contrary, some people continue to theorize that this is a variation and the multiverse will be exploited in the film.

As for Sony, neither Tom Hardy nor director and screenwriter Kelly Marcel have responded to this topic. There is only one way to close the debate and that is when the film is released to global audiences. Incorporating a controversial detail is not a coincidence but a calculated move from Sony.

Sony’s movie universe is dying?

In the superhero world at the present time, Sony’s SSU is the film universe with the worst performance and the second most struggling in Hollywood. Possessing the strength of the popular Spider-Man brand , the exploitation of the block of characters revolving around the web-slinging hero has not shown positive signs.

Among them, Morbius (2022) and Madame Web (2024) are two bombs both commercially and in content. Female lead Dakota Johnson frankly criticized Madame Web and affirmed that she would not participate in similar projects. Later this year, Kraven the Hunter , a project about another villain, debuted to the disappointment of the audience.

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The only bright spot at SSU is the Venom franchise, with the first two films bringing in $1.3 billion, according to Box Office Mojo . Obviously, the controversial details in the trailer have little to do with the plot but mainly serve as a promotion for the film. Resonating effects from Spider-Man: No Way Home is an interesting move from Sony.

Venom: The Last Dance plays an ambitious “dark horse” from Sony’s film universe.

From another perspective, Venom: The Last Dance is expected by fans and observers to become SSU’s “dark horse”. Most likely, Sony will take advantage of all elements of media, characters, and plot to bring the most impressive performance. Not to mention, Venom is outnumbered, which opens up the opportunity for audiences to see the silhouette of Spider-Man.

Currently, SSU is struggling in dark times, suffering many disadvantages from the quality of its works and the film market. Looking more broadly, Venom: The Last Dance ‘s success in conquering the audience is just a matter of time. In Hollywood, a film universe that wants to exist will need to converge more factors than just one work or one character like Venom.

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